Terms Every Foodie Should Know - Part 2 Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: render : to cook the fat out of meat using a low heat. strain any solid chunks from the fat before you store, score : to make shallow cuts into the surface of foods with a blade or sharp knife. this process is used in bread baking to control the direction in which the bread expands, as well as cooking meat and fish to aid in marinade absorption and tenderizing, macerate : to steep a food (usually fruit) in liquid and/or sugar to infuse flavor and soften the food. the process is similar to marinating, leaven : to add gasses to dough or batter so it rises and lightens during mixture or baking. you can use items with leavening agents, like yeast, beer, and kefir when baking bread, deglaze : to dissolve the remains of roasted or sautéed food on a pan with a liquid such as wine or vinegar in order to create a sauce or gravy, roux : a mixture of flour and fat, like butter, lard, or vegetable oil, cooked over low heat to thicken soups and sauces, pipe : to decorate or create shapes on food using thin lines of cream, paste, or icing. this process is often used in dessert and pastry baking, julienne : to cut food into short, thin strips. you can use a knife, julienne peeler, or mandoline slicer, truss : to tie up the wings and legs of poultry to prevent movement during cooking. you can use string, skewers, or pins to truss, mull : to infuse a beverage (usually wine, beer, or cider) with flavor by heating it with herbs, spices, and fruits. common mulling ingredients include citrus juices, nutmeg, sugar, anise, and marjoram, emulsify : to mix liquids together that normally won’t bond together, like oil and vinegar. ingredients like egg yolk and mustard help keep emulsions stable, reconstitute : to restore a dehydrated food by placing it in water or some other liquid. the soaking process brings the food back to a resemblance of its original size, shape, and texture, flambé : adding high-proof liquor, like rum, cognac, or brandy, to a hot pan to create a burst of flames. the raw flavor of alcohol is burned off, leaving a sweet, subtle taste behind.