Science: God's Great Universe Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Science: God's Great Universe crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: ellipse : a symmetrically shaped oval, astronomical unit : distance between the earth and the sun, barred spiral : type of galaxy which arms are attached to a straight bar that runs through the center, ptolemy : last name of the scientist who presented the idea of an earth centered universe, apparent : the magnitude of the brightness of a star as seen from earth, gravity : the force of attraction that exists between any two objects, constellation : stars outlining an imaginary picture, sunspots : dark patches of gas that are cooler and located on the sun's surface, elliptical : type of galaxy which resembles an egg or football, photosphere : the sun's visible surface, spiral : type of galaxy with a central nucleus and attached arms that curve out, copernicus : last name of the scientist who presented the idea of a sun centered universe, astronomer : scientist who studies outer space, absolute : the magnitude of the actual brightness of a star, nebulae : large clouds of gas and dust floating in space, irregular : type of galaxy with no definite shape, foci : the two points of an ellipse, vacuum : an area containing no air or any other matter, light year : the distance light travels in one year, galaxy : a star system containing from millions to billions of stars, newton : the last name of the scientist who studies gravity, kepler : last name of the scientist who studied the orbital motions of the planets, binary star : also called a double star, friction : the force that resists motion, polaris : another name for the north star