Rocks and Minerals Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: GEOLOGIST : Person who studies rocks and minerals, COLOR : Most minerals are only one ________, LAVA : Melted rock that flows onto Earth's surface, ROCK : Nonliving material made of one or more minerals, IGNEOUS : Rock that forms when melted rock cools and hardens, HARDNESS : How easily a mineral can be scratched, SEDIMENTARY : Rock that forms from layers of sediment that pile up, LUSTER : How shiny or dull a mineral is, METAMORPHIC : Rock that has been changed by heating and squeezing, MINERALS : Solid nonliving substances found in nature, GEOLOGY : Study of rocks and minerals, STREAK : The color of the powder left when a mineral is rubbed on a white tile, MAGMA : Melted rock deep inside the Earth, SEDIMENT : Tiny bits of weathered rock or once living animals or plants