Road to WWII Crossword Puzzle

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  • euthanized : in nazi germany, people with disabilities or mental handicaps were _ .
  • molotov : the _ -ribbentrop pact was a non-aggression pact signed between the nazis and soviet russia that allowed the nazis to focus on their goals without soviet russia breathing down their backs.
  • guilt : part of the treaty stipulated that germany accept all responsibility for causing wwi, in what was known as the "war _ clause."
  • manchuria : japan was the first nation to violate the treaty with the invasion of this chinese region.
  • rhineland : the very first territory taken over by the nazis; allies turned a blind eye because they felt that germany was "merely walking into their backyard."
  • mussolini : the fascist dictator of italy.
  • ethiopia : italy invaded this 3rd world country to showcase their "might."
  • chancellor : when hitler finished 2nd in the race for president in 1932, the government decided to appease him and his followers by giving him this position.
  • church : nazis believed in the three k's for women: kinder, kueche, and kirche, which meant "children, kitchen, and _ "
  • russia : nazis eventually wanted to expand their culture into this country and make all of its native peoples their slaves.
  • military : per the treaty, germany had to vastly downsize this.
  • five : stalin's _ year plan to relocate all farmers to govt.-owned farms led to the greatest man-made famine in human history.
  • gulags : many soviet political prisoners were sent to these when stalin and co. wanted people to disappear.
  • munich : the _ agreement, signed between the british pm neville chamberlain and hitler, allowed germany to reclaim the czechoslovakia/sudetenland territory.
  • somme : hitler was very affected by his wartime experiences, and in fact was wounded at this famous battle ["the _ "].
  • steel : the alliance between germany, italy, and japan was known as the "pact of _ "
  • space : another core belief of nazism was "lebensraum" or "living _ "
  • aryan : part of nazi ideology was that they believed they were the inheritors of the great blood and culture of this people group.