Presidents' Day Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: honest : lincoln's nickname was " _ abe, sixteenth : abraham lincoln is the _ president of the united states, stovepipe : type of hat lincoln wore, penny : coin abraham lincoln is on, monday : washington's birthday was moved as part of 1971’s uniform (blank) holiday act, hayes : in 1879 president (blank) signed washington's birthday into law as a federal holiday, nixon : uniform monday holiday act took effect in 1971 following an executive order from president (blank), alabama : the state that uses presidents' day to commemorate washington and thomas jefferson (who was born in april), all : which presidents are recognized by presidents' day, the purple heart : a military decoration originally created by george washington to honor soldiers killed or wounded while serving in the armed forces, reagan : another president that was born in february, thanksgiving : in 1885, washington’s birthday joined four other nationally recognized federal bank holidays—christmas day, new year’s day, the fourth of july and (blank), nine : how many siblings did washington have growing up?, december : washington died on _ 14th, 1799, two : how many terms did washington serve?, vernon : washington died at his home called mount _ , continental : he led the _ army during the revolutionary war