Memorial Day Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: wreath : ring of flowers, flowers : often placed on graves, air : soldiers trained to engage in aerial missions are in the _ force, patriotic : inspired by love of country, navy : soldiers trained to protect the sea are in the _ , remember : the opposite of forget, picnic : a meal eaten outside, vietnam : 50th commemoration of this war, six : the number of usa flags that are on the moon, decoration : memorial day was originally known as _ day, anthem : the national _ was written when flag was flying over fort mchenry, cemetery : a place with many graves, parade : people march in this, thirteen : number of stars on betsy ross flag, war : the opposite of peace, arlington : 260,000 flags are placed in this cemetery on memorial day, civil : memorial day began after this war, may : memorial day is celebrated in this month, veteran : one who has served in military, army : soldiers trained to engage on the ground, monday : memorial day is celebrated on this day, liberty : freedom from bondage or restraint, union : army of the north