Plant Enzymes Crossword Puzzle

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  • enzyme : highly specific biological catalysts
  • plant : name one of the major source of enzyme
  • protease : plant enzyme that break long protein chains into smaller amino acid chains and eventually into single amino acids
  • lipase : which enzyme is produced in small intestine and has industrial uses like fermentation diagnostic use medical use?
  • enzymes : what kind of proteins are composed of amino acids that have folded into a very specific three-dimensional shape which contains an active site?
  • actinidain : what kind of enzyme is a type of cysteine protease commonly found in kiwi fruit, pineapple, mango, banana, papaya?
  • bromelain : which enzyme is extracted from the stem of pineapple?
  • nitrate reductase : name enzyme that regulates plant growth and promotes resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses?
  • active site : name a region on the surface of an enzyme to which substrates will bind and catalyses a chemical reaction
  • invertase : name one of the major group of enzymes
  • ficin : which enzyme is present in the latex of ficus?
  • papain : which protease enzyme is present in papaya?
  • cellulase : plant enzyme that digest specific carbohydrate bonds found in fiber
  • lipases : plant enzyme that break triglycerides into individual fatty acids and glycerol
  • amylase : which enzyme breaks down starch in plants and plays an important role in seed germination?