Plant Classification and Anatomy Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: direct source: when the plant or plant products are used by humans, indirect source: when humans use the animal and animal products that feed on plants and plant products, gymnosperms: plants that produce seeds not protected by fruit, angiosperms: plants that flower and produce seeds protected by fruit or pods, cotyledon: an embryonic leaf which become the seed leaf, annuals: plants that complete their life cycle in one year (or one season), biennials: plants that complete their life cycle in two growing seasons, perennials: plants that produce for more than two years or growing seasons, photosynthesis:the chemical process converting sunlight into energy and food for the plant, respiration: the process of plants using stored energy, transpiration: the movement and loss of water through evaporation, stamen: the male part of a flower, pistil: the female part of a flower, monoecious: plants that have male and female flowers on the same plant, dioecious: plants that have male and female flowers on separate plants, anther: part of a flower that produces the pollen which contains the male sex cells, stigma: part of a flower that provides a sticky surface to catch pollen, ovary: part of a flower that produces female sex cells, complete flowers: flowers that have all the parts (sepals, petals, stamen, and pistil), incomplete flowers: flowers that lack one of the four main parts - petals, sepals, pistil, or stamen