Plant and Animal Cells Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: GOLGIVECSICLES : Molecules made by Golgi, Found in both plant and animal cells, LYSOSOME : Breaks down old cells, acts like a janitor and found mostly in animal cells, MITOCHONDRIA : Power House of both Animal and Plant Cells, CENTROSOME : Gives cells their structure and important for cell division, found in both cells, CENTRIOLES : Made up of thin tubes called micro-tubules, they form spindle fibers and are found in animal cells, GOLGIBODY : It is a packaging organelle like ER, found in most cells, named for the scientist that discovered it., ROUGHER : Where proteins are made contains ribosomes and found in both cells, CYTOPLASM : A Gel -like watery fluid in the entire cell found in both Plant and Animal Cells, CHLOROPLASTS : Found only in Plant Cells, it captures energy from the sunlight, MICROTUBULES : Found in animal cells, it maintains the structure of cell, CELL WALL : Made of cellulose and provides support for the cell both cells have this, RIBOSOME : The cells 'protein factories; site of protein synthesis, found in both cells, NUCLEUS : Found in all cells, acts like a brain; it controls movement, eating and reproduction, VACUOLE : Stores water, salt, and minerals and found in both cells, SMOOTHER : Makes fats,steroids and breaks down sugars, found in both cells, CELL MEMBRANE : Surrounds cytoplasm of cell, lies beneath cell wall, found in both cells