Non-Diesel Fuel Systems Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: RENEWABLE : _______________ diesel is so often confused with biodiesel., HYGROSCOPIC : Biodiesel readily attract water from atmosphere, giving it a much shorter “shelf life” than petroleum-based diesel., GEL : B100 fuel will ________ in most any weather other than summer., METHANE : Natural gas (NG), propane, and bio-methane are the results of organic waste decomposition and consist primarily of ____________., LNG : Is in liquid form and can be stored at 230psi (16 bar)., CDI : CPI can deliver high-energy, multi-spark (long Burn) under high speed high load conditions and is preferred over _________., CRYOGENIC : Storing fuel at extreme low temperatures., PIEZO : Dual-fuel injectors use this type of actuator., HARD STARTING : Oil Present in the Fuel System of an N G-Powered Vehicle Can Result in, ODORANT : Is added to propane to produce a distinct smell., HYDROGEN : __________________could be the fuel of the future. It is the most abundant element in the universe, and it oxidizes (combusts) producing no harmful emissions., ARC FLASH : Wear an __________________ Suit when working on HV battery packs, inverters, disconnect panels, or HV switches., FIBRILLATION : Ventricular ___________________ occurs when the heart muscle ceases to pump and merely quivers due to the scrambling of its rhythmic electrical pulses., HOT STICK : This has the appearance of a shepherd’s hook with an extra long handle, RESIDUAL : Verify this type of voltage does not exists in the HV circuits before work starts., OEM : Who we consult before welding on an HV., THERMAL RUNAWAY : Usually begins when one cell fails in a Lithium Ion Battery., PERMANENTLY : In vehicle electrical energy storage systems (EESS), both the negative and positive poles are __________________ connected to the chassis., ELECTRONIC MODULE : Never attach a ground clamp to a chassis ground terminal bar because that is likely also the ground point for an _______________________________., ARC BLAST : _________________is an even more severe thermal event than arc flash that releases pressure and sound and light energy., ARC FLASH : _________________is the release of a massive amount of energy triggered by an electrical fault., FATAL : 75-300 mA fraction of a second pulse is usually ______________.