Natural Disaster Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Hurricane: a storm with a violent wind, in particular, a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean., Tornado: a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud and advancing beneath a large storm system., tsunami: a long high sea wave caused by an earthquake, submarine landslide, or other disturbance, Earthquake: a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth's crust or volcanic action., Volcano: a mountain or hill, typically conical, having a crater or vent through which lava, rock fragments, hot vapor, and gas are being or have been erupted from the earth's crust., Wildfire: a large, destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush., snowstorm: a heavy fall of snow, especially with a high wind., flood:an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land., Avalanche: a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside., Drought: a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.