Nail Technology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: blending : to file zones to smooth uneven areas or hard edges, round : another nail shape, buffed : finished nails can be polished or?, mandrel : what is the bit called that sanding bits fit over?, physical : ice melting into a puddle is an example of type of a change, wash hands : the very first step of basic nail prep (2 words), forms : what sculpted nails are created with, initiator : a chemical compound that causes the chemical reaction to start, acetone : the most commonly used solvent in the nail industry, point : another nail shape, molecule : 2 or more atoms joined together by a chemical bond, pigment : a main ingredient in a nail polish, oval : yet another nail shape, polymerization : when monomers join with other monomers to form 3 dimensional networks or polymer chains;, catalyst : a substance that controls the speed at which the chemical reaction occurs, apex : where the product needs to be the thickest, giving the stress point strength, adhesive : a product that sticks a nail tip to natural nail plate, nail pro : the job position you'll apply for once finished nail course (2 words), square : another basic free edge nail shape, wraps : 3 major artificial nail systems are gel, acrylic and, file off : how to remove gel nails? (2 words)