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QUESTIONS LIST: Pro Phase : First and longest phase of mitosis in which the genetic material inside the nucleus condenses and the chromosomes become visible, Cell Division : The process of a cell dividing into two new daughter cells, Asexual : Process of reproduction involving a single parent that results in offspring that are genetically identical to the parent, Chromatin : Substance found in eukaryotic chromosomes that consists of dna tightly coiled around histones, Cytokinesis : Division of the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells, Cell Cycle : Series of events in which a cell grows, prepares for division, and divides to form two daughter cells, Centriole : Structure in an animal cell that helps to organize cell division, Sexual Reproduction : Type of reproduction in which cells from two parents unite to form the first cell of a new organism, Chromosome : Threadlike structure of dna and protein that contains genetic information, Inter Phase : Period of the cell cycle between cell divisions, Telo Phase : Phase of mitosis in which the distinct individual chromosomes begin to spread out into a tangle of chromatin, Meta Phase : Phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell, Ana Phase : Phase of mitosis in which the chromosomes separate and move to opposite ends of the cell, Chromatid : One of two identical “sister” parts of a duplicated chromosome, Mitosis : Part of eukaryotic cell division during which the cell nucleus divides