Mathematical Terms Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: numerator: the top number of a fraction, factors: the numbers you multiply, ratio: comparison between different units, minimum: the lowest number in a set of data, absolute value: the distance a number is away from 0, opposite: numbers that are located on opposite sides of 0 and are the same distance from 0 on a number line, denominator: the bottom number of a fraction, mode: the number that appears the most, product: the answer to a multiplication problem, y axis: on a coordinate graph, it is the line that runs vertically (up and down), divisor: the number of groups you are breaking the total into, x axis: on a coordinate graph, it is the line that runs horizontally (left to right), prime number: a number with only two factors, "1" and itself, mean: the average from a set of data, quotient: the answer to a division problem, maximum: the biggest number in a set of data, median: the middle number in a set of data, integer: counting numbers, their opposites and 0, factor tree: a graphic organizer that helps us identify the prime factorization, dividend: the total that you are breaking apart into equal groups