Lab Equipments Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Magnifying Glass : Enlarges small objects so they are easier to see, Goggles : Used to protect eyes, Beaker Tongs : Metal with rubber ends; used to handle hot beakers, Test Tube : Mix and heat small amounts of chemicals, Flask : Used to store and heat liquids, can be used with stoppers, Balance : Used to measure masses precisely, Funnel : Used to pour liquids into small containers, Petri Dish : Uses vary, but can cultivate organisms, Forceps : Metal or plastic, straight-tipped instrument used to remove small particles, Erlenmeyer Flask : Hold, measure, heat chemicals; can also be plugged up., Pipette : Transfers small amounts of liquids, Hotplate : Used to heat substances in the laboratory, Electronic Balance : Used for quick, accurate massing, Dropper : Picks up and transfers liquids, Bunsen Burner : A metal heating device connected to a gas outlet with rubber tubing; used to heat chemicals in beakers or test tubes., Beaker : Mix, heat, pour and measure chemicals, Spatula : Made of metal; has a flat rounded end and a rectangular end; used to transfer solid chemicals, Graduated Cylinder : Marked with milliliter (ml) scale and is used to measure volume