Mitosis and DNA Replication Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Mitosis and DNA Replication crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • deoxyribose : type of sugar found in dna.
  • metaphase : the stage of mitosis in which the chromosomes become arranged in the equatorial plane of the spindle.
  • prophase : phase of mitosis when chromosomes are first visible under the microscope.(first stage)
  • chromosome : threadlike dna-containing structures of cellular organisms.
  • protein : the type of molecule that dna codes for; constructed of amino acids.
  • replication : process of copying dna
  • cytokinesis : the phase when division of cytoplasm occurs.
  • telophase : phase of mitosis when two nuclear membranes are forming.
  • ribosome : organelle that is the site of protein synthesis;composed of rna and protein.
  • interphase : the interval between the end of one mitotic division and the beginning of another.
  • spindle : the structure that pulls/pushes chromosomes within a dividing cell.
  • guanine : the nitrogenous base that always binds with cytosine.
  • nucleus : a cellular organelle of eukaryotes that is essential to cell functions.
  • mitosis : a process that takes place in the nucleus of a dividing cell.
  • helix : the shape of dna, double _ .
  • adenine : the nitrogenous base that bonds with thymine or uracil.
  • chromatid : one of two identical strands into which a chromosome splits during mitosis.
  • anaphase : phase of mitosis when sister chromatids separate away from each other.
  • hydrogen bond : the type of weak bond that connects complementary nitrogenous bases.