Cell Membrane Structure and Transport Crossword Puzzle

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  • hypertonic solution : causes a cell to shrink due to osmosis
  • equilibrium : concentration of a substance is equal through a space
  • hypotonic solution : causes a cell to swell due to osmosis
  • isotonic solution : same concentration inside and outside the cell
  • diffusion : movement of a substance from high to low concentration
  • osmosis : diffusion of water through a cell membrane
  • facilitated diffusion : passive movement across a membrane through transport proteins
  • cell membrane : structure that determines what enters or leaves a cell
  • exocytosis : movement of a substance out of a cell, using a vesicle
  • active transport : moves a substance against the concentration gradient
  • sodium potassium pump : protein that uses atp to move two ions across the cell membrane in opposite directions
  • ion channel : transport protein through which a charged atom can pass