History of Medicine Crossword Puzzle

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  • laennec : invented the stethoscope because he could not hear the heart and lungs in an obese patient with his ear.
  • hippocratic oath : a code of behavior in which medical schools still teach, and physicians repeat as they enter into practice.
  • eye of horus : amulet to guard against disease, suffering, and evil
  • disease : in ancient times, were believed to be caused by demons and evil spirits.
  • exorcism : priest performed these to drive out evil spirits and diseases.
  • ancient : disease during these times was related to overcrowding, filth, and the natural presence of microorganisms.
  • physicians : priests who studied medicine
  • acupuncture : consists of the insertion of needles of various metals, shapes, and sizes into one or several of the 365 specified spots on the head, trunk, and extremities.
  • aristotle : he brought together medicine, biology, botany, and anatomy.
  • pasteur : discovered microorganisms could be destroyed by heating.
  • imotep : egyptian god of medicine.
  • harvey : observed that blood in the arteries always flowed away from the heart while blood in the veins flowed toward it, with valves that prevented it from changing direction.
  • romans : they built and extensive underground sewer system, and pure water aqueducts capable of bringing an estimated 300 million gallons of drinking water a day into the city.
  • hippocrates : also known as the father of medicine.
  • leonardo da vinci : created anatomical notebook b which included detailed drawings of human anatomy.
  • bloodletting : application of leeches