Gasses & Phase Changes Crossword Puzzle

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  • sublimation: solid to gas.
  • critical point: highest temperature in pressure where a pure substance can exist at a vapor/liquid equilibrium.
  • temperature: a measure of a sample's average kinetic energy.
  • elastic collision: one in which there is no net loss total kinetic energy.
  • ideal gas: a hypothetical gas that perfectly fits all the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory.
  • pressure: force per unit area.
  • melting: solid to liquid.
  • stp: 0 degrees (c) and 1 atm.
  • gay lussacs law: "p+t" / constants are "v" and "n."
  • avogadros law: "n+v" / constants are "p" and "t."
  • real gas: a gas that does not behave completely according to the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory.
  • effusion: the passage of a gas through a tiny opening in a barrier.
  • freezing: liquid to solid.
  • diffusion: the process of a substance spreading out across a concentration gradient until evenly distributed in the available space.
  • grahams law: relates to the speed of a gas to its molar mass.
  • volume: space occupied by gas.
  • triple point: presence of all three states of matter based on temp. and pressure.
  • precipitation: gas to liquid.
  • daltons law: the sum of individual/partial pressure of each gas in a mixture equals the total pressure. vaporization, liquid to gas.
  • boyles law: "p+v" / constants are "n" and "t."
  • combined gas law: "pvt" / constant is "n."
  • charles law: "v+t" / constants are "p" and "n."