Classroom Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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  • atom: the smallest part of an element that can exist
  • cohesion: the force of attraction between the particles of a substance.
  • mixture: a number of pure substances that are brought together.
  • chemistry: the study of matter-its properties, composition, and changes.
  • liquid: a state of matter in which the substance had definite volume, but takes the shape of the container.
  • filtering: the process of passing a mixture of a liquid and a solid through a paper or porous substance in order to remove the solid from the mixture.
  • solute: the substance dissolved in a solution
  • density: the amount of mass in s substance per unit of volume.
  • element: a pure substance in which all the atoms are the same. hydrogen is an example.
  • gas: a state of matter in which the substance takes the shape of the container and is low density.
  • solvent: the substance that does the dissolving
  • suspension: a mixture where very small particles of a solid remain floating without dissolving.
  • solid: a state of matter in which the substance has the same shape and volume.
  • physical: a change in a substance where no new substances are formed. the substances just takes different shape . a reversible change.
  • solution: a homogeneous mixture in which a solute is dissolved in a solvent.
  • chemical: a change in substance that have reacted chemically. cannot be easily reversed.
  • boil: to change from a liquid to a gas.
  • saturated: referring to a solution that is not able to hold any more solute.