Organic Compounds Crossword Puzzle

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  • sugars : carbohydrates that provide energy and starches to your body.
  • petroleum : a dark, flammable liquid found deep within earth, that is often called crude oil.
  • electrons : carbons can form many compounds because it has four _ in its outer energy level.
  • lipids : includes fats and oils.
  • nucleus : dna is found in the cell _ .
  • isomers : this type of compound contains identical chemical formulas.
  • hydrocarbon : a compound made up of only carbon and hydrogen atoms.
  • substituted : compounds that can be changed or switched for another.
  • carbohydrates : compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and have twice as many hydrogen atoms as oxygen atoms.
  • polymers : links of petroleum that get linked together and form large molecules called _ .
  • alcohol : this compound is formed when -oh groups replace one or more hydrogen atoms in a hydrocarbon.
  • dna : is a nucleic acid built of complex molecules called nucleotide.
  • unsaturated : _ hydrocarbons that contain at least one double or triple bond.
  • organic : this type of compound is made of living things.
  • rubbing : this type of alcohol got its named for its use on sore muscles.
  • monomer : a link found in a polymer chain.
  • saturated : _ hydrocarbons that contain only single-bonded carbon atoms.
  • de polymerization : the process that uses heat or chemicals to break long polymer chains into monomer fragments.
  • polyethylene : this polymer is found in plastic bags and plastic bottles.
  • aromatic : type of compounds that contains a benzene structure having a ring with six carbons. it also produces a pleasant order.