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QUESTIONS LIST: POINT SOURCE : Type of pollution that can be traced back to a single incident, WATER TABLE : Highest point in an aquifer from in which water can be collected, GEO SPHERE : Earth system that includes the rocks, soil, landforms, and interior of the planet, DISCHARGE : Aquifer ___ happens when water leaves the aquifer, AQUIFER : The underground layer of rock, sand or soil that holds groundwater, ROCK CYCLE : The processes that form, break down, and re-form rock from one category to another, HYDROSPHERE : Earth system that includes all of the water on the planet, UNCONFINED : An ___ aquifer has no layers of nonporous material between the water level and ground level, PERMEABILITY : Determines whether water can move through the material, POROSITY : Determines how much water a material can hold, GROUNDWATER : The supply of fresh water found beneath the earth's surface, SINKHOLE : A hole in the ground formed when water has dissolved underground rock, CONFINED : A ___ aquifer has a layer of nonporous material between the water level and ground level that separates water from ground level, RECHARGE : Aquifer ___ happens when water reaches the aquifer, LIMESTONE : A kind of porous sedimentary rock formed from the skeletons of marine organisms, FILTRATION : Process of separating solid matter from a fluid through a filter, WELL : A pipe in the ground that reaches the water table, HYDRO GEOLOGY : The study of geology that focuses on the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of Earth's crust