English Composition Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: focus : the point from which people, events, and other details in a story are viewed, narrator : one who tells the story, curiosity : the desire to know what is happening or has happened, flat character : fictional character who is relatively simple, who is is presented with few character traits that do not change, expectation : the anticipation of what is to happen next, theme : a generalized, abstract paraphrase of the inferred central or dominant idea of a story, persona : the voice or figure of the author who tells and structures the story, personality : that which distinguishes or individualizes a person, parable : a short fiction that illustrates an explicit moral lesson, hero : the leading male, allusion : reference in a story to history, the bible, literature, etc. that suggests the meaning or relevance of details in the story, antagonist : a neutral term for someone who opposes the leading male or female character, subject : the concrete and literal description of what the story is about, auditor : someone other than the reader - a character within the fiction - to whom the story or "speech" is addressed, red herring : a false lead, something that misdirects expectations, structuring : the arrangement or rearrangement of the elements in the history