Ecology Review Crossword Puzzle

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  • population : all members of a particular species within an ecosystem
  • parasitism : symbiotic relationship in which one species benefits and one is harmed
  • abiotic : non living factors of an ecosystem
  • species : a group of closely related organisms that can reproduce with one another
  • producers : plants and phytoplankton that produce their own food are known as _
  • fixation : nitrogen _ is the process in which nitrogen gas is converted into usable molecules
  • habitat : the specific enviroment of an organism
  • biospere : the sum of all ecosystems; broadest level of ecology
  • community : groups of populations interacting in the same area
  • tertiary : _ consumers obtain energy from secondary consumers
  • enery : what all organisms require to survive
  • primaryconsumer : an organism that eats producers (2 words)
  • symbiosis : a close relationship between two or more species in which at least one benefits
  • bioticfactors : the living components of an ecosystem (2 words)
  • niche : an organism's role in an ecosystem
  • phosphorus : essential nutrient found mostly in rock and soil, released by weathering and erosion
  • invasivespecies : a non-native plant or animal introduced into an ecosystem (2 words)
  • mutualism : relationship between organisms of different species in which all are benefited
  • exponential : population growth that is unhindered because of an abundance of resources
  • bacteria : organisms responsible for converting atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium
  • terrestrial : land biomes such as rainforests, deserts, and savannas are this type of biome