Down to Egypt Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Down to Egypt crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • horus : had the body of a man and the head of a falcon.
  • papyrus : used to make boats, baskets, boxes, mats, sandals.
  • upper egypt : area in the south extended to the first cataract.
  • giza : location where 3 most famous pyramids were built.
  • thutmose : egyptian empire reached its greatest extent
  • cataracts : prevented the nile from being used to invade egypt.
  • hatsheput : female pharaoh
  • khufu : great pyramid was built for this pharaoh
  • memphis : capital near where lower and upper egypt met
  • delta : region named for its resemblance to a greek letter
  • step pyramid : 1st structure made entirely of stone
  • champollion : solved the riddle of the rosetta stone
  • joseph : interpreted the king's dreams
  • vizier : chief assistant
  • dynasties : families within which the right to be king passed from one member to another.
  • nobles : class of people that made up the upper class.
  • sphinxes : stone statues with the heads of men, rams, or hawks and bodies of lions.
  • farmers : people at the bottom of the social scale.
  • herodotus : viewed the ruins of egypt in the 5th century.
  • mummification : soak a dead body in mixtures of salts, spices, and resins to preserve it.
  • tribute : payment from one nation to another
  • pharaohs : egyptian gods
  • rosetta stone : contains a message in 3 languages
  • nile river : longest river in the world