Dairy Cattle Crossword Puzzle

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  • poll: the top of the cow's forehead
  • milking shorthorn: dual-purpose breed for beef and dairy
  • mastitis: an inflammation of the udder
  • milk fat: a mixture of different fatty-acid esters called triglycerides in cow's milk
  • steer: castrated male
  • withers: top of shoulder
  • holstein: has an average milk yield of 23,675
  • gestation: length of pregnancy
  • jersey: smallest of the dairy breeds
  • mammary system: the system that produces milk after parturition
  • heifer: young female who has not had a calf
  • bovine: from the genus bos
  • milking parlor: area where cows are milked
  • metabolic disorder: a disease resulting from the inability of animal to make proper use of nutrients
  • calf crate: holding pen designed for dairy calves
  • roughage: fibrous indigestible material all cattle must have
  • guernsey: has high protein beta-carotene in milk that causes it to be yellow
  • bull: male cattle with the purpose of breeding
  • parturition: the act of giving birth in cattle
  • trailhead: top portion of the tail