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QUESTIONS LIST: COMBUSTION : Reactions conducted in the presence of oxygen., CATALYST : A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being used up., TEMPERATURE : A factor affection rate in increments of 10., NON :_____________ SPONTANEOUS - A reaction that does not occur naturally and are forced to happen., RUSTING : The oxidation of iron to a mixture of iron oxides., DECOMPOSITION : A reaction where starting materials break down into smaller products., SPONTANEOUS : A reaction that may happen instantaneously and will continue once started., ENTROPY : A measurement of an atom's/ion's/molecule's disorder., REDOX : Any reaction in which electrons are transferred from one species to another., SYNTHESIS : Products make larger molecules than the starting materials., BIOLOGICAL : ________ REDOX - Enzymes are used to breakdown or make new compounds., TRANSITION: ____________ STATE : The point in a reaction where 50% of the bonds are broken and formed., EFFECTIVE : When the activation energy, relative orientations and location of the colliding particles are appropriate the collision is said to be this., REDUCTION PROCESS : The gain of electrons, loss of "O" content and gain of "H" content in a reaction., ENDERGONIC : A reaction or process that absorbs multiple types of energy forms., EXOTHERMIC : A reaction or process that gives off heat., KINETICS : CHEMICAL ________ : The study of the rates of chemical reactions., RESPIRATION : The process by which living organisms use oxygen to oxidize carbon containing compounds to produce CO2 and water., OXIDATION : The loss of electrons , gaining of "O" content and the loss of "H" content in a reaction., HETEROGENEOUS : With this type of starting material a reaction will be slower.