Charles Darwin Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Natural Selection : A mechanism that Darwin used to explain how evolution could happen, Types of Food : Matched the shape of the beaks of the finches, Predator : An animal that hunts and kills another animal for food, Variations : Within a species, there are natural differences or variations in traits between individuals, Over Production : Darwin's theory of natural selection- when a plant o animal reproduces, more offspring are produced than can possibly survive, Adaptions : Inherited traits that give an individual an advantage in its particular environment, Evolution : Species develop adaptations over time through a process called ____., Stabilizing : _________ Selection - A populations genetic traits shift towards an average and selects against extremes, Tortoise Shells : Were shaped differently based on the unique conditions of climate and vegetation on each island., Beagle : The ship that Darwin went on a 5 year journey, Selection : Individuals with certain adaptions will survive long enough to reproduce, Selective Breeding : The process of intentional modification of a species through human actions that encourage the breeding of several traits, Galapagos : __________ Islands - An archipelago of 13 volcanic islands and 6 smaller ones