Cellular Ultrastructure Crossword

Download and print this Cellular Ultrastructure crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: EUKARYOTIC: Cells that have a nucleus and are found in multicellular organisms., PROKARYOTICS: Cells that do not contain a membrane bound nucleus and found in single-celled organisms., NUCLEUS: Controls all the cell's activities and stores the cell's DNA., NUCLEOLUS: Stores the cell's RNA and is important in the production of ribosomes., MITOCHONDRIA: The site of respiration using oxygen. This produces ATP., RER: Contains ribosomes and is for protein storage and production., SER: Storage and production of lipids., GOLGIAPPARATUS: Works with the ER to help store and package molecules such as protein and lipids., LYSOMES: Contains enzymes to help break down waste products and debris., PLASMAMEMBRANE: Encloses the cell's contents., CILIA: Move fluid past the cell's surface., CYTOSKELETON: Maintains the cells shape., RIBOSOMES: Manufactures proteins., CENTRIOLES: Spindle formation during cell division., PEREXISOMES: Remove toxic substances.