Cell Parts Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: chloroplasts : capture the sun's energy and convert it into glucose, rough : the er where the ribosomes are attached.., proteins : ribosomes make these.., membrane : the cell _ is found in both plants and animals. it controls what comes into and goes out of the cell, cell wall : found only in plant cells. protects them and gives them structure, mitochondria : powerhouse of the cell, nucleolus : ribosomes are made here, sunlight : photosynthesis uses _ co2 and water to make glucose, water : in a plant there is usually one large vacuole that holds _ , smooth : the er where the ribosomes are not attached.., golgi bodies : package proteins and distributes them throughout the cell, chromosomes : structures inside the nucleus that are the genetic blueprint for the cell, inside : the nucleolus and the chromosomes are _ the nucleus, nucleus : cell's control center, envelope : the nuclear _ protects the nucleus and allows only some materials to go in and out, endoplasmic : _ reticulum are the passageways that materials move though the cell in, energy : the mitochondria break down molecules for _ , lysosomes : contain chemicals that break down materials for the cell, respiration : inside mitochondria is where glucose is broken down for energy, vacuoles : the storage area of the cell, cytoplasm : jelly-like substance that flows through the cell, ribosomes : make proteins