Biology - Organisms Crossword Puzzle

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  • animalia : multi-cellular animal organisms, move with the aid of a flagella, acquires food by ingestion
  • plantae : multi-cellular plant organism, all organelles are present including nucleus and chloroplasts, all nutrients are acquired by photosynthesis (sunlight)
  • fish : the first true vertebrates on earth, these animals evolved from invertebrate ancestors about 500 million years ago, and have dominated the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers ever since
  • invertebrates : animals born without backbones eg. insects, worms
  • birds : flying vertebrates that are well known for their feathers and songs
  • reptiles : these animals are well known for being cold-blooded and having scaly skin
  • fungi : multi-cellular organisms that cannot move, can vary in size from microscopic to very large, eg. mushroom
  • amphibians : semi-aquatic vertebrates that are now some of the most endangered species on earth today
  • mammals : these animals are characterised by their fur or hair, the milk with which they suckle their young and their warm-blooded metabolisms
  • monera : single-celled organisms that do not move with no chloroplast, nucleus or other organelles
  • protista : single-celled organisms that can move with a flagella, and has a nucleus and chloroplasts