Biogeochemical Cycles Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: atmosphere : where carbon is originally located, abiotic : non-living things, nitrogen : element that has to be converted through nitrogen fixation, biogeochemical : process of chemical elements being exchanged, nitrification : process which in which ammonia is converted to nitrate, carbon sinks : store carbon dioxide, legumes : plants that hold nitrogen- fixing bacteria, nitrogen fixation : converting nitrogen into being usable for plants, nitrate : what ammonia is converted into to, desublimation : goes from gas to solid, denitrification : converts nitrate into nitrogen gas, sublimation : going from a solid to gas, ecosystem : where abiotic and biotic components live, evapotranspiration : water from trees, ammonia : inorganic nitrogen that came from waste, biotic : living things, reservoirs : where a certain kind of material is stored, infiltration : water going into the ground, carbon dioxide : element absorbed by plants, nodules : what legumes hold in their roots