Biochemistry Crossword Puzzle

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  • cellulose : polysaccharide that plants use for structure and support
  • water : to hydrolyze a bond between two monomers, you would have to add a molecule of _
  • carboxyl : -cooh is called a _ group
  • dehydration : the reaction that joins monomers together in biological macromolecules is _ synthesis
  • hydrophobic : diethyl ether is poorly soluble in water, therefore it is a _ molecule
  • lactose : glucose + galactose makes _
  • fructose : the disaccharide sucrose is made by joining glucose with _
  • enzyme : the name of macromolecule ends in -ase. it is likely to be an _
  • hydrogen : this type of bond holds the two strands of dna together in the double helix
  • phospholipid : in this type of lipid, one of the fatty acids is replaced with a hydrophilic group
  • steroid : examples of this type of lipid are hormones like testosterone and estrogen
  • twenty : the number of amino acids that humans use
  • amino acid : monomer of proteins
  • uracil : rna uses this nitrogenous base instead of thymine
  • nucleotide : monomer of nucleic acids
  • ribose : five-carbon sugar in rna nucleotides
  • liver : you might find glycogen stored in this abdominal organ
  • starch : plants make this polysaccharide for energy storage
  • activation : the minimum energy needed for a chemical reaction to occur
  • protein : you would find sulfur in this macromolecule of life.
  • chitin : insects use this polysaccharide for their exoskeletons
  • saturated : butter is an animal product, so the fat it contains is likely to be of this type
  • glycerol : the "backbone" of a triglyceride