Animal Protection Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: WILD: It is a word which describes untamed animals, PROTECT: It is an action describes to keep something away from danger, ENDANGERED: It is a situation where animals are almost extinct, POACH: It is an action in which human illegally kill, hunt animals, CONSERVATION: It is a place where animals are protected, DOMESTIC: It is a word which describes animals that are friendly and kept at home, SPECIES: It is a classification of animals and plants in which the members have similar characteristics, CONSERVE: It is an action to prevent animals from harm, HUNT: It is an action to chase and kill animals in the wild, RESIDENT: It is a person who lives in an area for a long time, URBAN: It is a word which means belonging to or relating to a city, INJURE: It is an action which is to hurt a person, animal or a part of the body