Animal Kingdom Crossword Puzzle

A basic group of natural objects that includes all living and extinct animals. Download and print this Animal Kingdom crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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  • mulitcellular: made up of more than one cell
  • reptiles: ectothermic vertebrates that live in or near water and have scales
  • echinoderms: invertebrates that have an exoskeleton and tube feet
  • exoskeleton: skeleton is external
  • ectothermic: body temperature that is close to that of their environment
  • amphibians: ectothermic vertebrates that a can breathe their skin when they are in the water
  • endoskeleton: skeleton is inside their bodies
  • invertebrates: animal's with no backbone
  • sponges: invertebrates that live attached to a surface and has small holes in their bodies to filter water
  • birds: endothermic vertebrates that have a beak, two legs, and two wings
  • vertebrate: animal with a backbone
  • endothermic: body temperature says about the same regardless of the temperature of their environment
  • arthropods: the largest group of invertebrates that have an exoskelton
  • mammals: endothermic vertebrates that have fur or hair and produce milk for their offspring
  • fish: vertebrates that live in the water and filter oxygen from the water through their gills