Animal Breeding Crossword Puzzle

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  • on heat: a female animal that is ready to breed with a male
  • pedigree: the parents,grandparents,great grandparents, etc of an animal
  • breeder: a person who breeds animals
  • hatchery: the place where chicken eggs or fish are hatched
  • rut: time of the year when male animals are sexually active
  • fertile: an animal, that is able to produce young animals
  • stud farm: the place where male horses are kept to produce young horses
  • pair: a female and male animal who produce babies/breed
  • mating: sexual intercourse between animals
  • season: a time of the year when animals are sexually active
  • bloodline: the ancestors of an animal
  • sire: to become the father of an animal
  • fecund: able to produce many young animals
  • putout: keeping a male animal that can no longer breed
  • prolific: to produce a lot of young animals
  • courtship: a behavior that animals make to try to do to attract a mate
  • fishery: the place where fish are bred
  • o estrus: the time when a female animal can produce babies when she mates
  • inseminate: put sperm in an animal to get them pregnant
  • breeding ground: the place where animals mate
  • multiply: to increase in number of animals