African American Spirituals Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: syncopation : a favorite rhythmic adaptation made by singers of spirituals, constellation : "follow the drinking gourd" was a song that referred slaves to a _ , river jordan : signaled the ohio river, spirituals : these grew out of the experiences of enslaved peoples from western and central african countries, signal : verses were often added to spirituals to give a _ , heritage : enslaved africans in north america were not allowed to sing, play instruments, or dance in ways that were authentic to their _ , land : in spirituals, the _ north of the ohio river was referred to as "sweet canaan, the promised land", hope : bible stories about jesus gave slaves _ for an end to their sorrows in life, quest : escape was seen as a holy _ , bible : slaves realized their experiences were similar to stories from this book, babylon : slaves saw a mirror of their own captivity in the bible stories about the jews' captivity in _ , railroad : underground _ - a secret escape route for slaves that stretched from the southern slave states to "free" states in the north, musical traditions : verse/refrain form and bible story lyrics fit well with african americans' _ _ , lowered : slaves sometimes did this to the 3rd, 5th, or 7th notes of the scale in order to express a sorrowful theme, gods chariot : in spirituals, the means of escape for slaves was often referred to as _ _ , forbidden : slaves' own religious music from africa was _ , gospel train : in spirituals, this represented the underground railway, christianity : slaves in north america were required to practice this religion