90s Pop Culture Crossword Puzzle

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  • sag : term for wearing jeans low
  • david letterman : name of late show host
  • blockbuster : company that famously reminded the public "be kind, rewind"
  • daria : moody, monotone female cartoon character
  • boy bands : plural, type of bands that became incredibly popular in late 90's, mostly for pre-teen females
  • eminem : rapper prodigy of dr. dre
  • x files : sitcom that featured two fbi agents investigating all things strange
  • spice girls : original british girl group that promoted girl power
  • monica : first name of notorious bill clinton mistress
  • forrest : name of main character in 90s movie, _ gump
  • nirvana : band attributed to making grunge music mainstream
  • pogs : game that involved using a slammer to knock over game pieces, plural
  • splinter : name of tmnt master
  • pizza pizza : what did the little caesars guy say in the commercials?