13 Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: georgia: founded by james oglethorpe and was set aside strictly for military use, maryland: this colony was founded in 1634 by lord baltimore, pennsylvania: founded in 1681 by william penn, delaware: founded in 1631 by the dutch. william penn was granted the western shore of this colony, pilgrims: people who were a form of puritans who wanted to completely break away from the anglican church of england, plymouth: first colony founded in 1620 for religious freedom of the separatists by william bradford, mercantilism: the idea that a colony exists for it's mother nation, jamestown: this colony was settled by john smith on a marsh which brought disease and famine later on, puritans: the protestant sect in england hoping to "purify" the anglican church, calvinists: preached values of simple worship, strict morals, predestination, and hard work, connecticut: founded in 1636 by thomas hooker in order to escape the overcrowding of massachusetts, pocahontas: the indian woman who helped jamestown become successful by teaching the colonists how to grow tobacco, quakers: these people tipped their hat to no man, were immune from military involvement, and were very egalitarian, enlightenment: a time where reason, education, and tolerance were encouraged, tobacco: this crop became known as the crop that saved jamestown and allowed it to be the wealthiest colony to exist