13 Colonies Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Georgia: Founded by James Oglethorpe and was set aside strictly for military use, Maryland: This colony was founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore, Pennsylvania: founded in 1681 by William Penn, Delaware: Founded in 1631 by the Dutch. William Penn was granted the Western shore of this colony, Pilgrims: People who were a form of puritans who wanted to completely break away from the Anglican church of England, Plymouth: First colony founded in 1620 for religious freedom of the separatists by William Bradford, Mercantilism: The idea that a colony exists for it's mother nation, Jamestown: This colony was settled by John Smith on a marsh which brought disease and famine later on, Puritans: The Protestant sect in England hoping to "purify" the Anglican church, Calvinists: Preached values of simple worship, strict morals, predestination, and hard work, Connecticut: Founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker in order to escape the overcrowding of Massachusetts, Pocahontas: The Indian woman who helped Jamestown become successful by teaching the colonists how to grow tobacco, Quakers: These people tipped their hat to no man, were immune from military involvement, and were very egalitarian, Enlightenment: A time where reason, education, and tolerance were encouraged, Tobacco: This crop became known as the crop that saved Jamestown and allowed it to be the wealthiest colony to exist