To Kill a Mockingbird: Part One Crossword

Download and print this To Kill a Mockingbird: Part One crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: SUMMER : Dill visits Jem and Scout's town at this time of year., ALEXANDRA : Scout and Jem's aunt, EWELL : The last name of the boy who called Miss Caroline a "slut of a school teacher"?, SNOW : The reason Scout thought the world was ending., MAUDIE : Her house burns down, FOUR : The approximate age difference between Jem and Scout, ARTHUR : The real name of a person believed at first to be a malevolent ghost., NUT : The type of grass that Miss Maudie hates, THIRTEEN : How old Jem was "nearly" before his arm was broken, SWEARING : Scout begins doing this in an attempt to get out of school, FIRE : Happened in the middle of the night, ROBINSON : Tom's last name, STEPHANIE : The first name of the town gossip, SCOUT : Boo placed a blanket around this character, CUNNINGHAM : Atticus saved this man's land from entailment, FIGHT : Atticus wanted Scout to learn to not do what when challenged?, TIMJOHNSON : Name of the mad dog, BOO : Who is Scout referring to when she says "Maybe he died and they stuffed him up the chimney"?, JACK : Scout and Jem's uncle, MOCKINGBIRD : What is it a sin to kill?