Roman Civil Wars Crossword

Download and print this Roman Civil Wars crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: CLEOPATRA : Egyptian queen who allied with Mark Antony., JULIUS CAESAR : Famous general who was a member of first triumvirate. Killed by senate in 44 B.C., LEPIDUS : Member of second triumvirate that was stripped of power., ACTIUM : The battle that was the turning point in the 3rd civil war., OCTAVIAN : Member of second triumvirate. The first emperor of Rome., RUBICON : Name of river that Julius Caesar crossed., CRASSUS : A very rich man who was a member of the first triumvirate., SULLA : General who sided with the senate in the first civil war and proclaimed himself dictator for life in 82 B.C., EMPIRE : The type of government after the civil wars., MARIUS : General who sided with the tribal assembly in the first civil war., TRIUMVIRATE : A ruling body consisting of three people., ANTONY : Member of the second triumvirate. Committed suicide in Alexandria., REPUBLIC : The type of government before the civil wars., POMPEY : Member of first triumvirate that sided with senate. Had lots of military experience.