Relative and Absolute Dating Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: c14: what do scientists use to measure artifacts under 30,000 years of age?, absolute dating: in order to date old materials, scientists use?, 5730: the half-life of carbon-14 is, uranium 238: if i were to measure a dinosaur fossil which element should i use?, rock correlation: what is the method used to date fossils from that can be miles away from each other?, unconformity: what is the contact between sedimentary rocks that are significantly different in age, or between sedimentary rocks and older, eroded igneous or metamorphic rocks?, fossil: any remains, impression or trace of a living thing from a former geological era, superposition: law of _ - samples of earth and rock nearest the surface will be newer in age than those beneath them, sedimentary rock: no element can date me accurately what rock am i, radiometric dating: what is a technique used to find materials such as igneous or gas?