Nature of Science Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: DATA : The information collected during an experiment is called ____., INDEPENDENT : The ____ variable is the factor in the experiment that is being tested or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment., GRAPHS : Scientists use their data to make charts and ____ to communicate the results of an experiment, INFERENCE : A conclusion made based on observations., DEPENDENT : The ____ variable is the factor that is affected by the independent variable or is being measured., CLAIM : After collecting and analyzing the data, scientists will make a conclusion or a ____., OBSERVATION : Gathering information using your five senses., SCIENCE : Method of obtaining knowledge and answering questions about the world around us through experimentation and observation., PROCEDURE : The ______ describes the steps that a scientist will take during the experiment., HYPOTHESIS : A _____ is an educated guess., EVIDENCE : All claims must be backed up with specific ____., CONSTANTS : ____ are all of the factors that must stay the same during the experiment., PROBLEM : The first step of the scientific method is to identify the ____., CONTROL : The ____ is the group that is used for comparison., EXPERIMENT : After the scientist makes a hypothesis, they perform a(n) ____ to collect data.