Migration Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mobility : all types of movement, net migration : difference between the number of immigrants and emigrants, circulation : short-term and repetitive movements, voluntary migration : migration because of one's own choice, forced migration : migration that is against one's own will, pull factor : induce people to move into a new location, refugee : people forced to migrate and cannot return, chain migration : migrants who follow others from their town to the same destination, intra regional : type of migration within the same region, migration : permanent move to a new location, inter regional : type of migration from one region to another region, internal migration : migrating within one's own country, emigration : migration from a location, push factor : induce people to move from their present location, environmental : push/pull factor related to floods, drought, or some other natural disaster, immigration : migration into a location, economic : major push/pull factor as to why people migrate