Lent to Easter Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Consecration : The action of the bread and wine turning into the body and blood of christ, Procession : The mass begins with this when the priest enters the church and makes his way to the altar, Passover : The major Jewish spring festival which celebrates the end of the jews being slaves in egypt, Antiphon : A short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle., Genuflect : Lower one's body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect., Liturgy : The service of the Eucharist in the church., Service : The action of helping or doing work for someone, Sabbath : A day of religious observance and break from work, kept by most Christians on Sunday, Chasuble : The outer garment worn by a catholic priest when celebrating mass., Repose : “to lie or be at rest” or “to be peacefully calm or still.”, Give Alms : Act of charity toward those less fortunate, Sacrifice : Christ's offering of himself in the crucifixion, Blessed Sacrament : To refer to the body and blood of Christ in the form of consecrated sacramental bread and wine at a celebration of the Eucharist., Ciborium : A receptacle shaped like a shrine or a cup with an arched cover, used in the christian church to hold the Eucharist, Passion : The suffering and death of Jesus