Easter Challenge Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: linens : jesus' body was wrapped in this, herod : king at the time of jesus' crucifixion, angel : i rolled away the stone in front of the tomb, james : comforted mary at the foot of the cross, purple : color of robe placed on jesus, thorns : a crown of _ was placed on jesus' head, last supper : the meal that jesus prepared on holy thursday for his apostles, quaked : the earth _ when jesus died, silver : thirty pieces was given to judas, stone : rolled in front of the tomb, jews : "all hail, king of the _ !", three : the number of times peter denied knowing jesus, wine : the soldiers offered this to jesus to drink while he hung on the cross, golgotha : also known as the place of the skull, eleven : number of apostles on easter morning, lance : this was used to pierce jesus' side, pilate : i am the one who gave jesus over to be crucified, veronica : wiped the face of jesus, simon : helped jesus carry his cross to calvary, forty : the number of days jesus remained on earth after his resurrection, mary : jesus' mother, feet : jesus washed these at the last supper, palm : the sunday before easter is called _ sunday.