Lab Safety Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Acid: Never pour water into this; instead, slowly pour this into water., Chemicals: Some of these are corrosive., Use: Only _____ lab equipment as your teacher instructs you to do so., Sharp: Handle scissors, scalpels, knives, and other _________ objects with extreme caution., Permission: What you need before you bring an animal to the lab or classroom., Listen: _______ carefully to your teacher; they may tell you important information regarding the lab or equipment., Leave: In case of a fire in the lab you should _________., Test Tube: When heating something in this type of glassware, never point it at yourself or anyone else., Clothes: Secure loose or dangling _________ before beginning a lab., Chipped: This kind of glassware is dangerous to use because it has stress points where the glass may break., Alone: Never work _________ in the laboratory., Drink: Never _________ any liquid while in the lab, unless specifically instructed to do so by your teacher., Sandals: Don't wear ___________ in the laboratory, closed toe shoes are the best to wear., Small: Report accidents to your teacher, no matter how _________ they may seem., Telephone: Know where this communication tool is before you begin any lab; you may need to find it in case of an emergency., Apron: Wearing this will protect your clothes., Mixing: _______ one chemical with another can be dangerous. Never do so unless the textbook or your teacher has specifically asked you too., Review: You should always ________ the day's experiment before you begin, paying close to safety issues., Fifteen: If a chemical comes into contact with your eyes, wash them for at least ____________ minutes.