Human Body and Health Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Human Body and Health crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • feet : you stand on your ... and walk
  • elbow : a joint between an arm and a forearm
  • brain : organ inside your head helps you think
  • hands : you can catch something with them
  • lips : you use them to kiss
  • spine : a tree has a trunk and a human has got ...
  • thumb : the thickest finger
  • calf : below your knee at the back of your leg
  • ears : you would be deaf without them
  • skull : it protects your brain from damage
  • knees : they help to bend legs
  • heart : pumps blood around your body
  • nails : you can cut and paint them
  • stomach : all you eat goes there
  • wrist : you wear a watch around it
  • hips : you swing them when you walk
  • eyes : you would be blind without them
  • ankle : you can twist it if you jump badly
  • skin : the biggest organ covers the whole body
  • eyebrows : you have them over your eyes
  • liver : that organ removes toxins from blood
  • lungs : organ in your chest help you breathe
  • kidney : that organ helps to filter blood
  • neck : it connects the head to the chest
  • eyelashes : you put mascara on them