Heart of Darkness Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: white clothes : what makes the chief accountant different from the other characters?, aunt : who in marlow's family helped him get the job?, firewood : what does the russian trader leave downriver for the approaching steamer?, hollow : how does marlow describe the manager?, hens : marlow’s predecessor with the company dies as a result of a quarrel over, rivits : what does marlow need to repair the steamer?, kurtz : who is responsible for the attack on the steamer?, knitting : at the company marlow see two old woman doing what?, spear : where type of weapon kills marlow's helmsman?, pilgrims : who carries long wooden staves with them everywhere, asia : marlow went through a voyage though what country?, skipper : what was marlows position in their company?, tobacco : something marlow gives to the russian trader, insane : marlow was asked if his family was what during his interview?, conrad : what is the last name of the arthor?, human heads : what does marlow discover on top of the fence post in the inner station?, ivory : what is the main thing the company trades in?, animals : how are the natives described?, marlow : who is the protagonist?, musician : kurtz was a gifted what _ , fresleven : marlow’s predecessor as captain of the steamer.