Health and Wellness Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: nutrient : a substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life, syphilis : a chronic bacterial disease that is contracted chiefly by infection during sexual intercourse, but also congenitally by infection of a developing fetus, fiber : found only in plant foods, carbohydrate : a major source of energy in the diet. they are found naturally in foods such as breads, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and milk and dairy products, wellness : the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health, fast food : food that can be prepared quickly and easily and is sold in restaurants and snack bars as a quick meal or to be taken out, muscle : a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body, overweight : excessive or extra weight, calcium : a mineral important in building and maintaining bones, and for muscle and nerve function, nutrition : the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth, beta carotene : a form of vitamin a found naturally in yellow/orange vegetables and fruits, grain : wheat or any other cultivated cereal crop used as food, lifestyle factors : personal habits or behaviors related to the way a person lives, calorie : a unit of energy in food, cholesterol : a fat-like substance that is made by the body and is found naturally in animal foods such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products, health : combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being, psychology : the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, chlamydia : a very small parasitic bacterium, like a virus, requires the biochemical mechanisms of another cell in order to reproduce, hypertension : high blood pressure, obesity : the condition of being grossly fat or overweight